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How retail chains employ Location Intelligence to connect with customers!

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Location Intelligence will undoubtedly emerge as the most disruptive technology leaving behind all other contemporary technologies. Finding store location, and the brand’s retail foot print becomes very easy with Google maps API that can be embedded in the code of your website and can be accessed both through the desktop and mobile.

Location is the key!

Acquiring a premier store location is the most important criteria for winning mind share and market share in both domestic and international markets. The reason being that location of a particular business is the number one criteria of its success. And this fact has been reiterated by industry experts for decades.  Being easily approachable ensures high footfall, higher sales, higher brand recall which in turn ensures repeat purchases. So, by deploying this technology namely the Google maps API premier in your website and availing software support from Lepton software that helps immensely in customer acquisition and retaining them for a long time.

Deploy Lepton’s superior technology for growth!

By offering Google maps API premier technology, Lepton software helps immensely in business expansion planning in FMCG, as brands can get data about the number of searches being made for store location. Moreover, you get a discerning set of customers who respond to all kinds of advertising and can make impulse purchases, if the messaging is attractive and consistent. You can generate new leads and build a strong lead pipeline even during times of slow growth. These customers who respond to multi-channel advertising through print, TV, electronic and web mediums are the most valuable in terms of average revenue per user and can offer strong referral businesses. It is a well- known fact as elucidated in the Pareto principle that twenty percent of the customers offer eighty percent of the business either directly or through referrals and this is true for almost all industries, barring a few. Retail is definitely one of them where this principle is observed quite clearly in practice.

The benefits of Location Intelligence can be seen in real life, when a customer finds something interesting on the web and wants to touch and feel the product before he buys it online or in the retail store, it could be apparel or an electronics gadget. But in order to do so, he needs the help of Location Intelligence to locate the physical store, view the recommended products, and see if the reviews of a particular line of products are matching with the product.

Since driving directions to the retail outlet are given, there is no way the customer can lose his way. All you have to do is to zoom, pan and drill down to the last mile location. Most vehicles are fitted with voice based GPS navigation that tells them to move in specified directions whether they are on a bike or riding a car so, overall footfalls to stores offering geo-locators on the website are sure to rise. It has been observed that companies that employ high technology are usually one step ahead of competition and usually emerge as the winners in all territories they operate.

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