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How Municipal Utilities can be made efficient using GIS Solutions

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Utilities like electricity, water and sewage disposal are the most critical lifelines of our urban existence. And municipalities catering to millions of people in major metropolitan cities have an extremely challenging task at hand to ensure smooth flow of operations to deliver these amenities to the masses.


A few challenges faced by utilities are as follows:

  • How to assess which area has more demand for a specific utility e.g. water
  • How to reroute the supply from low-demand areas to high demand areas and check its impact on network
  • How to locate bottlenecks in the supply chain
  • How to identify and eradicate leakages from the system to prevent losses of both money and resources
  • How to plan the expansion of the system to newly populated areas


The ways in which GIS solutions can help in solving the above-mentioned problems are as follows:


Assess Demand and Supply on Map

Visual analytics can be integrated into mechanical systems to fetch data which can be portrayed on a map to assess demand and supply. This can help in:

  • Identifying high & low demand areas
  • Rerouting resources according to the needs


Real-time Monitoring of System on Map

Sensors can be placed at defined intervals of distance in the system to gauge the flow of resources. This will help in:

  • Locating bottlenecks in the system
  • Easy identification of leakages or faults between two sensors to prevent loss


Simulation of Resource Flow on Map

Simulations can be run in software and the same can be visualized on the map to see its impact on the system. This will help in:

  • Planning the expansion to new areas
  • Renovation activities in the existing supply chain


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