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How location analytics help reduce crime rate

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For any city to have a good standard of living, public safety is one of the most important aspects. It is the concerned authorities’ constant vision to bring the crime rate down to zero. For this, they take many steps which range from creating awareness to a quick resolution of cases.

With technology assisting in catalyzing the whole case solving process, location analytics plays an extremely crucial role in the same. Some of the many applications of location analytics in crime rate reduction are as follows:


Analyze Crime Site:

In a highly complex crime scene, the surrounding environment’s layout can give a lot of insights about deducing possible scenarios.


Track Suspects:

The most widely used application of location analytics is to track the location of suspects based upon their mobile numbers. This gives insights about the routine of suspects and keeps them in radar in case confrontation is necessary.


Give Tactical Advantage to On-ground Assets:

Allocate an optimum number of on-ground assets for various operational activities so that one can cause seamless efficiency amongst multiple resources.


Quick ‘Chase and Catch’ Strategies:

Monitor and strategize time-critical situations like chasing a suspect from the control room to help ground assets to quickly catch the target.


Preventive Monitoring:

Keep a safe eye on high-value assets and most vulnerable areas.


Statistical Advantage:

Plot crime rate statistics on the map to assess which are the most important areas to focus upon.


Therefore, location analytics is an extremely important and effective technological asset to help in the reduction of crime rates. We, at Lepton Software, hold expertise in creating such location-based applications for the authorities. For more information, please get in touch with us at marketing@leptonsoftware.com

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