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How Land cover Data helps in tracking Development of an Area

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India, being the second most populated country in the world, has one of the highest population density. This leads to rapid development of a location-at times unregulated. The major metropolitan cities have expanded beyond their boundaries, giving rise to satellite cities. It has hence become very important to keep check on land usage and understand its change over time.

Land cover is a data set which combines the power of location-based data with technology to give amazing insights about horizontal expansion in this scenery of rapid urbanisation. Land cover data is extensively used for the following operations:


  • Predict damages caused by natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods etc. And try to mitigate the damages.
  • It can even help in estimating the flow of water in case of floods or storms.
  • Acts as an aid in urban planning by private builders as well as government departments.
  • Keeps a check on encroachment of land by illegal parties.
  • Helps in assessing environmental factors of undeveloped and vacant land.
  • Planning of green spaces for recreation for urban dwellers.


Apart from government and infrastructure developers, there are various other organization which may benefit from land cover data include:

  • Environmental and research agencies
  • Engineering firms
  • Private forestry organizations
  • State or district agencies dealing with public welfare
  • Agriculture industry


By using semi-automated classification and remote-sensing to produce accurate imagery, Lepton offers one of the best solutions to derive land resource information. You can write to us at: marketing@leptonsoftware.com to know more about how land cover data can help you track the development of an area.

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