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How City 3D+ can be a game-changer for big telecommunication projects

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For an effectively planned telecom network, an efficient strategy is as important as the infrastructure itself. To understand and rightly analyse the impact of a project in the vicinity, three dimensional projections are a particularly effective solution.

For a telecommunication company, it can be teamed with various other map data layers to give them a strategic positioning of how their project will perform in a specific area and how they can add more value in terms of quality-of-service for their customers. They can experience the performance of their networks in a neighbourhood first-hand even before a single wire is laid.

City 3D+ is a dataset of maps which encapsulates digital height model of the entire city and can be put to use in many different ways.
City 3D+ used Geodata which improves the efficiency and accuracy of RF networks. While planning and optimizing wireless networks, it is essential to know the penetration of network access through vast, tall clusters of concrete in the urban world. When combined with Data Terrain and Data Elevation maps, it can give you insights as to what would be an ideal location to set up base stations etc.
Thus, City 3D+ is an extremely advanced and effective solution which, if applied well, can help build better projects keeping in mind the future environment. Lepton Software provides a common 3D repository for more than 25 cities in the country which can be used for various industries like, Telecom Planning, Feasibility Planning, Infrastructure, Disaster Management, Security, Law Enforcement etc. In short, it is key to deploy 3D maps to build smart, self-sustaining cities.

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