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Google Maps for Work get the work done!

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With the advent of technology being made available in everybody’s pocket, we no longer rely on roadside hawkers for directions. Creating a strong digital presence plays an influential role in generating leads for any type of business. Customers are always on the lookout for more features from service providers and retailers. In this day and age of ever growing competition, how can you stand out from others? Let us analyze how integrating Google Maps for Work in your business can open new avenues to engage with customers online and help in acquisition, retention and demand generation.


More than 1 million websites and mobile applications are using Google Maps APIs to transform their user experience to a whole new level. Using an interactive interface without compromising on functionality of the application remains the best way to retain engaged customers. Using Google Maps for Work lets you create beautiful maps that help users find your physical locations in the most convenient and easy-to-use way. It even helps in integrating your location in various social media platforms for users to have a seamless experience while navigating to your stores.


In 2014, the number of internet users on mobile surpassed that of desktop and it is growing ever since. A huge portion of your potential customer base has a smartphone in their pocket. To harness the possibilities that this can bring for your business (via a mobile application) you would need to find a way to track their location at all times. What if you could send location-triggered notifications to your clients, giving them instantaneous offers, allowing them to navigate to the nearest stores to redeem it? With Google Maps you can achieve all this, and that too in one single platform.


“But I already have my business listed on Google Maps?” – Was this location listed by your company? Does this provide accurate information about your business apart from just the location? Can you put call to action buttons or offers based on location of your clients? The questions themselves justify the importance of precise information provided at the right place. Inaccurate location will frustrate customers and would be a big advantage to your competition. By integrating Google Maps for work, you can turn each click into sales. For example by indicating that the store is closed now, you can give users an option to buy it online instead.


And it doesn’t end here. There are infinite uses to which Google Maps for Work can be used for. From implementing branch locators and geo-targeted marketing to travel planning and indoor mapping, location-based services can be exhausted to achieve engaged and satisfied customers.


If you are looking for a partner for Google Maps for Work, then Lepton Software is the place to go. With over 20 years of experience in this field, they speak location like no one else. They understand that location is not just longitude and latitude, but can be used to generate demand for your products and services. You can contact them at marketing@leptonsoftware.com to know more about what location-based services can do for your business.

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