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Unleashing Smart solutions for better road traffic control!

Technology has the power to create billion dollar industries overnight and one such technology that is gaining traction on every smartphone across the world is the Google Maps API or application control interface that is helping open source developers create applications that can fetch data from the Google maps database, analyse it and deliver relevant portions of the data on the screens of users.

Traffic management using Google maps reduces traffic congestion

  • Traffic police authorities across the globe have realized that unless they make traffic congestion data available to all users on their fingertips, traffic and subsequent pollution problem will remain unchecked.
  • If users have advance information that certain routes are clogged with heavy traffic, they will either take alternative routes or opt for public transport or even postpone their trip altogether. After all, it does not make sense going out in the high summer heat and getting caught in obnoxious traffic fumes.

Here is the solution offered by Lepton software via Google maps.

Either visit the desktop website and use the Google maps functionality offered in Google search engine (maps.google.co.in) to find the shortest distance between two points and on the route you will find stretches marked with red and others with green. The red ones refer to areas congested with heavy traffic at that instance of time and are best avoided. While the green ones refer to those areas where traffic is less and you can take those routes. Orange coloured stretches b indicate “moderate traffic.” This data includes traffic congestion data on highways, expressways also.

  • The same data can be obtained on your android phone by downloading the app from the play store. Once downloaded and installed, open the app and select traffic from the sub-menu and enter your start destination and final destination. You will see the route with red, orange and green indicators, enabling you to take the right decision.
  • Even inter-city travel will become really smooth as commuters can plan their long distance travel easily and avoid any unforeseen delays.

How Lepton software helps the police through Google maps for emergency management

  • Less congestion on the roads means lesser manpower, lesser fuel and wage bill, and lesser friction with commuters who have been fined and most of all, lesser accidents.
  • With real-time data on their finger-tips, police can calculate the exact time of arrival at any designated point in the city and send reinforcements of traffic personnel accordingly.
  • By uploading traffic congestion data on facebook, twitter, whatsapp, instagram they can better reach out to women commuters. If female commuters face any obscene behaviour or lecherous behaviour on roads, they can take snapshots from their mobile phone and post it on the facebook page of the police and send it on the twitter timelines. Strange as it may sound, but many criminals with a sadistic bent of mind, who are out these to harass female commuters have been arrested through the social media interfaces of traffic police authorities.
  • Travel advisories can be issued through whatsapp and circulated along with info about blocked or congested routes.

All in all, this is undoubtedly the best technology for future generations and creates a sound platform for application developers to take business forward.

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