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Geospatial Intelligence: A Gold Mine for 5G Success

Posted by: Tavishi Arora
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Geospatial Intelligence A Gold Mine for 5G Success (1) (1)

5G is the new battlefield, and speed is the ammo.

5G–The New Black

With all the hype around 5G, it is easy to dismiss the importance of the network and its capabilities as overhyped. Its implications, however, range much farther and more expansive than one might expect.

There’s a lot of buzz around the applications and use cases of the next-generation network. Still, the 5G era has a lot more capability to transform how we do business in unprecedented ways. However, to appreciate the newest disruptor, we need to understand how it will significantly impact the digital economy’s future and influence the associated societal challenges that come along.

5G–The Value It Adds 

Let’s throw some light on what sets the 5G network apart from its predecessors.

It is well-known that 5G will offer turbo-speed–probably 100 times faster than 4G. A lesser-known fact, however, is that 5G upgrades go beyond speed. The low latency–which offers connectivity and real-time data sharing on multiple devices running on 5G–makes 5G very significant. Moreover, 5G adds reliability, offers massive network capacity, increased accessibility, and a much better user experience.

Benefits like low latency and higher bandwidth eventually support new-age tech like the Internet of Things (IoT), Augmented Reality (AR), and Virtual Reality (VR). In fact, it can also be the driving force behind Industry revolution 4.0–blurring the line between the physical and virtual spaces, powering foundational metaverse technologies. 

5G–The Superhero of Society

One of the most exciting features of 5G would undoubtedly be the reduced amount of data lost during the transmission, resulting in a high degree of confidence in this technology. 

However, the social value of 5G comes from its implications on the health and well-being sector, infrastructure development, and sustainable industrialization. This latest network will also help us accelerate towards automated vehicles and remote surgeries. 

Moreover, with technologies like location intelligence and digital mapping, 5G can also help address environmental challenges like climate change and disaster management. The speed, connectivity, and capacity offered by 5G, along with IoT, can improve energy efficiency, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and enable more use of renewable resources. 5G can help expand our understanding of and hence enhance decision-making about the weather, vegetation, waste management, and more.

We, at Lepton, can’t take our foot off the accelerator.

As we increase the value at stake for all of our stakeholders by leveraging our skills, investment in new technologies, experience, and expertise in the world of Telecommunication, the journey always begins with baby steps.

The sky seems to be the limit when it comes to accommodating the 5G needs of our customers with hyper-customization. Along with a robust geospatial intelligence suite with solutions that help you elevate your 5G deployment, you can look forward to:

  • Data visualization and representation with the much-needed location context
  • Innovation by letting your data weave a story
  • Anticipate opportunities (and threats) using real-time updates
  • Identify market gaps and act accordingly with reliable insights
  • Monitor and track your field force effectively

As a hyper-connected digital society fueled by 5G comes ever closer to becoming a reality, Lepton is all geared towards a brighter future. 

On that account, Lepton is proud to be the Official GIS Partner for the “India Mobile Congress 2022” to showcase how our geospatial capabilities powers 5G success for the telecom industry.

To know more about Geospatial Intelligence, visit here.

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Author: Tavishi Arora
Tavishi is Product Marketing Manager-Sr. Content at Lepton Software. She is an Avid reader and writer!
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