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Focus on the Field with Smart Track

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The phenomenal growth in the telecom industry in terms of new products and faster and better services has been clearly visible. The introduction of 5G and fiber optics has necessitated the constant up-gradation and management of assets, creating an ever-changing environment on the field that is barely traceable on the overall scale of changes at the top level. While recognizing the know-how of when and where to accommodate new assets is one challenge altogether, the real cost to company and day-to-day challenges lie in integrating newer routes into the field operations manual.

In today’s world of digital transformation, optimization of field service has to go beyond just simply hiring staff for people management at the blue-collar level. While micro-management of assets and people has largely had a negative connotation, there’s every impetus to look to rethink things now as we are all more connected than ever. With dashboard management of field task forces, the burden of back-office paperwork has now become a thing of the past.

Lepton Software’s Smart Track app has gone a step further than just a nifty looking dashboard. Smart Track is a combination of Web Portal and Mobile App.



Smart Track intelligently scales to give you insights right from patroller performance all the way to regional circle and national circle statistics.




Smart Track’s mobile app can support up to 5000 field force workers at a time. Smart Track also allows photo and document upload with geo-tagging to ensure absolute transparency. The app is chat-enabled to improve communication between patrollers and managers. Smart Track’s web interface is an easy use reports database that provides comprehensive information about patrolling hours, route intelligence and patroller attendance on local, regional and national levels.


With convenience to the management workforce being the core of the service, apart from just live tracking of workforce, Lepton allows you to track details as a minute as over speeding, deflection from planned routes, early checkouts and data turn-offs through mobile notifications for immediate rectification and red-flagging. Workforce tracking, attendance and check-in check-out reports patrolling pause data, and more make assessments for raises and bonuses on the blue-collar level a breeze with Smart Track’s patroller performance reports.

With easy integration into existing OSS/BSS platforms apart from Lepton’s own Network Access, ticket raising, closing, geotagging and other real-time monitoring can bring fresh new insights in the form of tangible data from the field. As a premier partner of Google Maps, Lepton’s Smart Track is also integrated with the Maps interface for added ease of use and absolute reliability. With complete and consolidated information at the tip of your hands, Smart Track has aimed at covering the length and breadth of Field Response Team (FRT) tracking and scheduling.


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