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Five reasons why you should invest in Google Maps for your business

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Google is the most reliable service provider for Maps API by a far margin. It helps your business unleash the power of location based tracking and analytics. Your organization can visualize a user’s experience and activity on the map itself giving it an advantage over its competitors. Here are five key features of Google Maps for Business which makes it a must-have in your web/mobile application:

1. Local Data
Using Google Maps you will get access to Google’s enormous repository of over 100 million business listings all over the world. There are endless possibilities on how this may be useful depending on your business. You can also use this data to study your competition and make plans for future growth.

2. Asset Tracking
Integrating Google Maps API can help you track your company’s vehicles, field force and other assets. This will allow you to keep efficiency in check and prevent misuse of valuable properties. It will help you to decide the best route while navigating.

3. Device Independent
In case you provide an integrated map as a part of your services (location based services like taxi providers etc.) or demographics based on location, you can be sure that Google Maps will be available across all devices. Google, being a cross platform service, provides a seamless user experience independent of the device it is used on.

4. Traffic Data, Street View, Weather and much more
Customize your identity by giving the application a personalized feel according to the theme of your company. It is also possible to add various layers of information like traffic data, street view, census data, weather, heat map, terrain and much more depending on your requirements.

5. Tech Support and Reliability
Google has always maintained a very high quality of technical support for its clients, resolving all their queries. With its 24×7 tech support, it is known to not let your work suffer in case of a fault. When it comes to reliability, Google has always been at par with the ever-changing world. Did you know that Google Maps is updated at an estimate 10,000 times a day? All this has led to Google becoming the leading location based service provider in the world.

Enough can’t be said about the importance of integrating Google Maps for Business in your daily operations. It combines the familiar and easy-to-use Google Maps with tailor-made functionalities to help your business grow by leaps and bounds.

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