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Discover How Google Maps Can Help You In Your Business Expansion

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Discover how Google Maps can help you in your business expansion

We have all been using Google Maps for our daily commute, getting to that ‘much talked’ about food joint, a rushed meeting, etc; however, did you know Google Map can also help your business grow by keeping your costs at bay & increasing efficiency?

Google Maps Can Help You In Your Business Expansion

Lepton Software along with Google Maps is hosting a FREE webinar on the topic, ‘Discover how Google Map can help you in your business expansion’ to give you insights into how Google Maps can do much more than just take you from one place to another.

Whether you are a CXO, a marketer or an IT enthusiast in any of the industries (Travel & Logistics, FMCG & Retail, Automotive, Banking & Finance, Insurance, Government & Defence, and Telecom), you will benefit greatly from this webinar.

About Lepton Software

Lepton Software, a premium Google Maps partner has been a forerunner in location analytics, map data and geospatial consulting for over 20 years, in diverse industries across the globe. We specialize in developing sophisticated Google Map based solutions like Network Access & Smart Market to nourish organisations expand their business network, manage network inventories and a lot more.

Lepton is a leader in Geodata (rfMap) for wireless network planning & optimization including solutions. We are partnered with Pitney Bowes for their product Map Info which is the world’s premier desktop GIS (Geographic Information System) & GIS mapping application.

We are a leading provider of fiber planning and inventory solution, NetworkAccess to major Telecom, ISP’s & Broadband providers with more than 65% market share in India. Lepton is also Google Mapspremier partner for more than 10 years in India, Middle East & Singapore. We have supported 500+ companies in their growth journey since its inception across other verticals like FMCG, Logistics & Transportation, Govt., Automotive etc.

Webinar Agenda

11:00 AM to 11:02 AM Introduction of Google Maps and Lepton Software
11:02 AM to 11:05 AM Who are we and what we do?
11:05 AM to 11:15 AM Presented by Google: Google Maps’ enterprise case study
11:15 AM to 11:30 AM Presented by Lepton: Lepton’s data solutions and use cases
11:30 AM to 11:40 AM Interactive Q&A session

To register for the webinar, click here. In case you have any queries regarding the webinar, feel free to drop us a line at marketing@leptonsoftware.com.

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