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Digital Elevation Tool

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With the growing demand and importance of Digital Elevation data,it has become easy to depict the particular region.Let’s understand the meaning of Digital elevation data. These data are the sets of elevation measurements for locations distributed over the land surface. Elevation data have many practical uses ranging from environmental to urban & many more. Basically,a topographical map is the main type of map used to depict elevation,often through the use of contour lines.

Digital Elevation Product Tool

In Geographic Information System,digital elevation models are commonly used to represent the surface topography of a place, through a raster grid data set of elevations.The representation of continuous elevation values over a topographic surface by a regular array of z-values, referenced to a common vertical datum. DEMs are typically used to represent the bare-earth terrain, void of vegetation and manmade features.

rfMap is a product by Lepton Software, a leader in geodata for wireless network planning & optimization used in the Telecom industry. Our USP is creating high precision RF geodata around 3D Maps, 2.5D maps, 2D Maps with multiple layers of Clutter, DTM, DSM, building footprint with Height & a wide range of solutions.The major goal is to help telecom companies to check feasibility & planning using high-quality rfMap which makes the process faster, accurate & reduce cost. Using a digital map to plan your radio frequency coverage will ensure that every subscriber can access your network in an area of interest.To ensure that you can easily plan your RF network, we provide the  map data to help optimize your network planning and optimization which is DTM – Digital Terrain Model or height data provides a topographic model of the bare earth/ underlying terrain of the earth’s surface.It is a crucial dataset that helps in Line-of-Sight analysis by determining potential obstructions to radio signals.It’s source is High Resolution Stereo Satellite Imagery, ALOS/ASTERGDEM/SRTM and Topographic Maps.

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