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Civic authorities are using Google Maps for Emergency Management

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Google has developed a platform to harness the power of technology for saving people’s lives.
Google Maps for Emergency Management has been playing a major role in averting disasters caused by natural as well as man-made calamities. It is not just a map based platform to chalk out your routes, but can act as a comprehensive tool, well equipped with data about rescue shelters, recovery vehicles and much more. It achieves this by bringing all civic personnel under one platform, giving every individual a set of permissions to edit and access civilian data.


Google Maps for emergency can be used to manage rescue operations for people stuck in earthquakes, floods, storms etc. Bringing all team members under one platform gives them a real-time update of the situation, thus assisting in faster communication. Using a population data map, particular neighborhoods can be searched for, based on their population density. This also helps in planning shelters and rescue homes for the future.
Many municipal authorities are in the lookout for ways to manage and mitigate the damages caused by disasters and it is always better to look for an easily accessible tool which everyone is familiar with. This is why Google Maps is the most popular choice. Being a strong player in the location industry and a certified Google Maps partner, Lepton Software can help you in obtaining Google Maps for Emergency Management and integrating population data map to ensure safety of citizens.

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