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Shaping the Future of Broadband Connectivity

Empowering Telecommunication Businesses for ‘Broadband for All

Connectivity Revolution Unleashed

Welcome to Lepton Software, where we are dedicated to revolutionizing the landscape of broadband connectivity. Our mission is to serve as the enablers for ‘Broadband for All,’ transforming the telecommunication ecosystem through cutting-edge solutions.

Shaping the Future of Broadband Connectivity

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1. FWA Coverage Planning

Revolutionize your FTTX and fiber network planning with the ultimate solution. Elevate your fiber and FTTx network planning precision to new heights. Whether it’s automatic planning, mobile-based planning, or manual planning, our versatile tool excels in all aspects. Experience a transformative approach that streamlines your network planning process like never before. Unleash the power of precision with our comprehensive solution.

2. Service Feasibility Checks

Our solutions include robust checks to ensure the feasibility of services, guaranteeing a reliable and efficient broadband experience for all users.

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Fiber/FTTX Geosuite

3. Fiber/FTTX Geosuite

Explore our Fiber/FTTX Geosuite – a comprehensive tool for lifecycle management of your network. Efficiently plan, deploy, and manage your fiber infrastructure with ease.

4. 3D Wireless Maps

Visualize the future with our innovative 3D wireless maps. Gain insights into network coverage like never before, enabling you to make informed decisions for optimal connectivity.

3D Wireless Maps

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Discover how we’ve made a difference. Hear from satisfied clients, explore success stories, and see the real-world impact of our solutions.

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