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Bridge every gap towards business expansion and performance optimization with SmartMarket by Lepton

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Plan, analyze, visualize, and then make decisions to achieve a competitive edge for growth, effectively fused with Location intelligence and mapping.

Any prospective location holds a whole new world of opportunities. The statement by Phyllis Stewart Schlafly, an American attorney, conservative activist, and author proved it just right, “Location is the key to most businesses, and the entrepreneurs typically build their reputation at a particular spot.”

Businesses big or small, established or start-up aims to be successful with ever-growing lucrative numbers. With a vision to churn out the best possible advantages from a potential location, be it their existing one or the place they are targeting to reach. Through targeting the right set of groups/customers.

Therefore, an effective data-driven market analysis becomes indispensable. According to IDC, a whopping 83% of CEOs want their organizations to be more data-driven, and the top priority for 87% of CXOs is being an intelligent enterprise.

So, if you want to take a giant leap in giving your business growth of ultimate height, we have a solution for you that acknowledges and recognizes the following:

Identifying location

It highlights the presence of business Vs competitor(s), put in different colors/clusters along with action time to open a store or expand a business.

Ranking target markets as per demographic parameters

Based on different parameters like total population, no. of households, household incomes, no. of couples, etc., it ranks location as per the potential.

Miscellaneous demographics

It also helps one diving in deep with exclusive data like footfall index, device patterns, mobile data usage, value segments, etc.

Predicting future sales

It is also instrumental in learning algorithms used to predict sales based on historical business datasets, machine learning algorithms, and more.

Hence, SmartMarket from the house of Lepton Software. It does it all. It is a Map-centric BI tool to facilitate scientifically informed decision-making for business expansion, performance analysis, and operations optimization. By putting this tool to use one can do:

  • Store planning
  • Redefine product mix
  • Evaluate ROI
  • Analyze risk assessment
  • Forecast sales
  • Plan market campaigns
  • Design supply chain networks
  • Learn consumer behavior & insights
  • Identify competition
  • Gap analysis, and more

All fused in one single dashboard. One, that’s informative, user-friendly, and enables to customize search and location data as per needs and requirements.

Also, not to ignore the unending current scenario of COVID-19. Due to restricted movements, lockdown, and quarantine, getting the detailed and updated data through field search and other traditional ways has become out of sight and out of place. Therefore, SmartMarket!

Now imagine, you want to open a new store at a particular location. You can base your decision by examining the business needs of that specific region, business potential, local governance, demographics matching your offerings like consumer behavior, patterns, habits, income, and more.

Furthermore, if you want to design an effective marketing campaign, SmartMarket can help you predict the unimagined. Using similar use cases, you can enhance your market share & visibility, calculate your sales, empower the field force, evaluate ROI, improve customer experience, maximize profit, and minimize losses.

Also, SmartMarket offers growth solutions to industries like Telecommunications, Banking & Finance, FMCG & Retail, Automotive, Logistics, Government, Insurance, and Travel. Organizations like P&G, Wall’s, ICICI Bank, Hindustan Petroleum, and more have been benefitted from SmartMarket.

Why Lepton Software is your perfect partner to grow with?

Being the world-renowned leader in providing location intelligence and analytics solutions, Lepton comes with an experience of more than 25 years, serving 12+ industries like telecom, automotive, banking, etc. Empowering businesses with cloud-based, comprehensive, light-weight, and fast geospatial solutions.

So, make your location count with SmartMarket and soar high with success.

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