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Bharat Telecom 2024 - An Exclusive
International Business Expo.

Transforming Telecom. Evolving Together.

Event Bharat Telecom 2024
Date 29-30 January 2024
Venue Taj Hotels | New Delhi | India
Booth # 55 & 56

Get ready to soar into the future of telecom with Lepton Software at Bharat Telecom 2024!

Join us as we showcase our groundbreaking solutions designed to revolutionize the way you connect, communicate, and innovate.

Experience the Power of Innovation:

  • Next-Gen Network Intelligence: Discover our LI-powered network management platforms that optimize performance, predict outages, and deliver seamless connectivity.
  • Cloud-Native Transformation: Dive into our agile and scalable cloud solutions that empower you to streamline operations, reduce costs, and accelerate time-to-market.
  • Empowering Customer Experiences: Explore our cutting-edge customer engagement platforms that personalize interactions, boost satisfaction, and drive loyalty.
  • Building a Secure Future: Learn how our comprehensive security solutions safeguard your data, networks, and operations against evolving threats.

Don’t miss:

  • Live product demonstrations: Witness firsthand the power of our solutions in action.
  • In-depth discussions with our experts: Get personalized insights and explore tailored solutions for your specific needs.
  • Networking opportunities: Connect with industry leaders, peers, and potential partners.


Ready to take your telecom journey to new heights?

Visit us at booth #55 -56 at Bharat Telecom 2024 and unlock the potential of a transformative future.

Glimpses of Bharat Telecom 2024

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