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3D Precision Database for Wireless Network Planning and Optimization

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3D precision data model plays a vital role in the wireless network that helps telecom companies with feasibility and planning using high-quality rfMaps that makes the process faster, accurate, and reduces cost. Using a digital map to plan your radio frequency coverage will ensure that every subscriber can access your network in an area of interest.

Digital Map for Wireless Network Planning and Optimization


Conventional tools that are designed for planning are not designed for 5G and high frequency in which it operates. High millimeter wave frequencies are suspected to many obstructions such as buildings, trees, etc., for which we require highly accurate data and more precise planning to deliver reliable services. To ensure that you can easily plan your RF network, we provide many data solutions to overcome the same, and the details are as follows:

Advanced Fixed Wireless Networks and  5G mmW Propagation Modelling

  • Precision in Coverage Prediction:- Radio planning tool will consider the accurate and different height of the building with 1mtr resolution. Apart from that, any manmade objects like Flyovers, Bridges, Elevated Metro routes, and Vegetation will come into consideration while generating coverage plots. It will help RF planner to generate accurate and precise coverage plots with respect to any 2D Clutter data.
  • Floor-Wise Coverage:- 3D building database has z-axis height data, so with the help of various propagation models like the Ray-trace propagation model, the planning engineer will be able to generate floorwise coverage. It is very important for metro cities where dense high-rise buildings and skyscrapers exist. This will help with the planning of In Building Solution (IBS) to deliver high-value customers residing on higher floors.
  • Improving Quality:- With precise 3D database RF planner, we will play with different positioning of BTS location on the same Building terrace and run coverage simulation. This will help position BTS at the accurate location to get minimum SINR and effectively reducing interference. 3D precision database will support radio engineers to improve RF quality to a great extent by planning BTS in the exact location and ultimately reducing the serving sector count on customer location.
  • Zero Cost P2P and P2MP Field Survey:- Major telcos and ISPs are delivering enterprise customers on P2P and P2MP wireless Links or Microwave Links to reduce the installation cost and quick delivery. Use of 3D precision database with Lepton’s SmartFeasibility tool, any service delivery can reduce lead to cash time drastically. The team can perform wireless feasibility from the back office to get accurate results of LOS feasibility. It results in a zero cost survey and reduces  Customer Delivery time by 90%.
  • Reducing Capex and Opex:- Any telecom operator has to pay a huge spectrum cost towards government authority to run Mobile Network.  The world is moving toward 5G, which will have higher Radiofrequency and lower inter-site distance impact on huge Capex, as the number of towers has increased in comparison to 2G/3G/4G networks. In this scenario, the planning team has a huge responsibility to plan towers with an optimum count to reduce Capex and Opex cost of serving network. With the help of 3D precision database, planning team can achieve reduction in Capex & Opex with accurate coverage planning.

3D Precision Database Compatible Tools :

  1. Radio Planning tool: Mentum Planet, Atoll, Asset, Gladiator, etc.
  2. MW planning tool: Mentum Ellipse etc.
  3. P2P and P2MP Survey tools: Lepton SmartFeasibility portal
  4. Other GIS tools: Mapinfo, ArcGIS, QGIS, etc.
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