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Plan. Design. Construct. Manage.
Catalyzing Global Digital Progress with the
Geospatial Revolution at IMC 2023.

In an increasingly interconnected world, Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
is the compass guiding us towards unparalleled global digital innovation.
Explore how Lepton, as the official GIS partner, is charting the course
for transformative solutions.

Lepton at IMC 2023

Date: 27, 28 & 29 Oct, 2023 | Location: Pragati Maidan New Delhi, India | Both #: 3.54

Discover Our Vision

At India Mobile Congress 2023, we’re dedicated to cultivating an ecosystem of collaboration and progress. Learn how Lepton shapes the digital future and unlock the potential for global innovation using cutting-edge GIS-based tools.

ofiicial gis partner at imc 2023 - lepton software

Discover the Unveiling: A Sneak Peek into the Unforgettable Experience of IMC 2023!

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