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Google Maps Platform for India

Provide high-quality geospatial products and solutions, backed by infrastructure that helps you scale easily.


40% off


* This Offer is valid till January 17, 2024

For a limited time, new customers in India can get up to 40% off select APIs and SDKs from Google Maps Platform. Receive the discount for 12 months when you sign up.

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Monthly cost

$5        $3.00 CPM

$17      $10.20 CPM

$5        $3.00 CPM

$7        $4.20 CPM

$10      $6.00 CPM

Up to 40% off only in India

Start up and scale quickly

Elevate everything you build on an easy-to-use global platform, at a price that helps you focus on your business and worry less about costs.

Count on rich data, coverage, and reliability

Build with confidence, knowing we’re always investing in the coverage and accuracy of Maps data in India.

Products built for India

Products built for India Create intuitive local experiences and seamlessly scale your business.

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