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20 Oct
power of rfMap-3D Geodata to your 5G Network Planning
Integrate the power of rfMap-3D Geodata to your 5G Network Planning

Lepton Software brings to you a high-quality and accurate rfMap-3D Geodata tool. It empowers the Telecom industry and leading network providers to enhance and deliver seamless as well as comprehensive high-speed 5G connection structure across locations. 5G network is the next best transformational move to meet the fastest growing demand for high-speed wireless connections. What...

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09 Nov
Optical Fiber Network: Future of Telecom Industry

Why Optical Fiber Network? An optical network is a type of data communication network built with optical fiber technology. It utilizes optical fiber cables as the primary communication medium for converting data and passing data as light pulses between sender and receiver nodes. Fibermap Optic Network Design Software Get Details Optical network is one of the...

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09 Nov
Transform Your Network with rfMAP

According to Forbes, there are 2.5 million quintillion bytes of the data created each day, and thanks to IoT, the pace is only going to accelerate further. We are currently in the revolution towards propelling a future that is solely driven by data. While the world is set to digitize, the infrastructure surrounding our networking...

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21 May
Gain an insight into FTTX Networks
Gain an insight into FTTX Networks: Technology Implementation & Operation

What is FTTx? FTTX stands for Fiber to the X (where X is a particular name/object). It is a type of broadband network architecture which uses telecom provider’s network to deliver broadband connections to homes, businesses and other establishments. Types of FTTX : FTTH: fiber to the home** FTTP: fiber to the premises** FTTC: fiber...

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09 May
Network restoration Post Fani
Network restoration Post Fani: Telco Challenges and how innovative GIS solution helping them to bring up network faster.

The Impact: After the Super Cyclonic storm ‘Fani’ slammed Odisha coast on Friday 3rd May 2019 morning along heavy rain and winds with speeds of up to 175 kmph telecom networks in all the parts of Odisha, including Puri and Bhubaneswar had suffered extensive network damage for majority of the operators. Many BTS along the...

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06 May
Fiber Optic Network
Fiber Optic Network Management Software

Fiber Optic Cable Routing Paths To understand fiber cable management, we have to understand about cable routing paths. It is more related to fiber cable’s minimum bending radius as improper routing of fibers by technicians. Routing paths should be clearly defined and easy to follow. Such paths should be designed so that the technician has...

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01 May
4G Wireless Broadband
4G Wireless Broadband Access

We need access of internet throughout our day even when we are on the go we need reliable Wi-fi connection.That’s where mobile broadband plays an important role: It allows you to connect to the internet anytime, anywhere. As time passes by, 4G entered the market and the best 4G mobile broadband offers the speeds and...

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23 Apr
Ran-Planning and Optimization in Geodata

rfMap – Ran Map is a product by Lepton Software, a leader in geodata for wireless network planning & optimization used in the Telecom industry. Our USP is creating high precision RF geodata around 3D Maps, 2.5D maps, 2D Maps with multiple layers of Clutter, DTM, DSM, building footprint with Height & a wide range...

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17 Apr
5G Network and Planning
5G Network and Planning

5G network: 5G is a massive breakthrough that’s changing the way devices connect to the internet, and more importantly, to each other. In fact, as 5G is being rolled it’s changing everything that uses a wireless connection at this point, it is pretty much everything. So, what’s so special about a 5G future? First of...

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09 Apr
3D Precision database
3D Precision Database for Wireless Network Planning and Optimization

3D precision data model plays a vital role in the wireless network that helps telecom companies with feasibility and planning using high-quality rfMAP that makes the process faster, accurate, and reduces cost. Using a digital map to plan your radio frequency coverage will ensure that every subscriber can access your network in an area of interest....

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