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DataSets provided by SmartData

Landmark & POI

Landmarks & POI Dataset

  • Data collected through an extensive ground survey.
  • Availability of about 75 lakh+ POI across Pan India
  • POI’s categorized in 16 major categories and 179 subcategories

Demographics Data

  • Administrative Boundaries with demographic data from the latest Census of India
  • Geographic Coverage - Pan India
  • Lowest Geographic Level –Town (ward level) & Village
Population Map

Lifestyle-Economical Behavioral Data

Soil Map

This data provides detailed information of soil type.

  • Geographic Coverage - Pan India
  • Lowest Geographic Level – Village
  • Licensing - Annual
Town & Village Amenity

Amenity data at Town & Village level

  • Amenity profile for towns & village sourced from latest Census of India
  • Geographic Coverage - Pan India
  • Lowest Geographic Level –Town & Village
  • FMCG Use Case – Understand the profile of a village with the following data.

High resolution satellite imagery generated Landuse-Landcover Map stores the information about the coverage of earth's surface like:

  • Settlement / Habitation
  • Water Bodies
  • Green/Forest
  • Agricultural Land
  • Open Area
Household Profile
  • Household level Amenity and Asset data sourced from latest Census of India
  • Geographic Coverage - Pan India
  • Lowest Geographic Level –District and Major Towns

Pincode Boundaries with Pincode information

  • India Pin List: Database consisting of Pin Code Number with respective Towns, Tehsil, District and State Name.
  • India PinPoints: Pin code numbers of India with respective location (locality), Tehsil, district and State Name along with corresponding Latitude and Longitude.
  • India Pin Boundry Map: Pan India Pin code Boundary map, consisting Pin Code Number with respective Towns, Tehsil, District and State Name.

Neighborhood boundaries map

  • Accurate neighborhood boundary maps
  • Critical for India where addressing is locality based
  • levels of Hierarchy – Locality, Sub-locality, Sub-sub locality and Block
  • Validated through ground survey
1:1K Maps

House level Landbase Map @1:1,000 scale

  • Available for Top 66 cities
  • Building footprints also available
  • Detailed Street Information
  • Address Points
Landmark 3D

3D Models of Landmarks & POIs

  • Availability of about 2000+ Landmarks in 3D
  • Customized 3D Landmarks in various formats
  • Capability to create complex and large 3D landmarks
Road Networks

Road and Railway Network Maps

  • Road Coverage
    India Road Network 🡪23,69,187 Km National Highway Roads 🡪74,328 Km State Highway Roads 🡪91,492 Km Roads with Standard name 🡪81,851 Km Route Numbers on Roads 🡪1,62,822 Km
  • Railway Coverage
    Rail Coverage Network 🡪 1,37,985 Km OFC coverage of Rail network 🡪47,000 Km
eTransit Maps

Public Trasit for top 16 cities

  • Public Transport Information for Top 16 cities in India and Indian Railways
  • Coverage of more than 37 agencies For e.g. BEST, Delhi Metro, DTC etc.
  • Provides complete details of Routes, Stops, Fare and Timings of respective Public Transport Agency in a city.
  • Updation frequency varies from week to month

Indoor Floor plan maps

  • Data and Layout for Indoor Destinations
  • Floor plans and shop details for more than 200 malls
  • Formal approval from relevant authorities
  • Data regularly updated

Ongoing infrastructure projects in India

  • Provides data of ongoing Infrastructure projects in India. Covers various industry sectors and categories
  • Gives crucial information like promoter details, project details, stage of completion, cost, contractor Details, contract model etc.
Junction Views

Personal Navigation Aid for appropriate lane driving

  • Personal Navigational Aid for appropriate lane driving in complex junctions.
  • Available in various formats to support any PND/ Mobile Phone.
  • Different variants to cater various timings during the day and night.

Lepton Software is one of the pioneers to bring digital maps in India. SmartData, a product of Lepton Software which helps you make informed business decisions around Business Expansion, Performance Analysis & Operations Optimization using map data like demographics, administrative & boundary data, landmark & POI spread, road & rail network data, economic activity, etc. You may use the included market data, add in-house data along with more than 130 parameters to choose from.

Working at SmartData


SmartData covers different type of data set which includes PIN code data, data of ongoing Infrastructure projects in India, neighborhood boundaries map, Locality data, coverage is from Country level down to Village/urban, 3D model of major buildings in a city, Land- use/ Land Cover, 3D Data with Height of buildings and Vegetation, Soil Map which provides information of soil type, House level maps (1:1000) with address, Indoor navigation maps for Malls/College with data and Layout for Indoor areas, Navigational Aid for appropriate lane driving which includes Maps for Junctions for taking appropriate decision while driving, Populace+ which gives the detailed information of Census data, eTransit Maps for Public transport for daily commuting by Buses, Metro, Rail etc, Lifestyle and Demographic Data for taking better analysis and smart planning.

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