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Introducing SmartInventory V.6: Gearing planners and field engineers with NextGen Spatial Inventory Management for Telecom network rollouts

Posted by: Vivek Sharma
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Inventory Insights is power. Now it’s even easier for you to manage your network and gain 100% control over inventory. Over the last few weeks, we’ve launched new features, including support for modeling Wireless Network Inventory, bringing Physical and Logical Fiber Links together, an enhanced Network Ticketing module, a new data uploader, and much more.

The new features help our telecom customers address some of the key challenges being faced and enable them to deliver high-speed connectivity, eliminate data silos, and significantly reduce customer churn, by providing a system that becomes an enterprise wide platform for managing the network.

With SmartInventory V.6, you can now:

  • Optimize your fiber rollout cycles and efficiently cater to the demands for high-speed connectivity.
  • Sync up the latest field data with the central GIS System and eliminate data silos across departments.
  • The new upgrades ensure that your planners are working with the latest versions of the network data from the field, resulting in significantly improved planning and eliminating duplicate work.
  • Quickly provision customer requests for connection needs by running super-fast feasibility operations, which are accurate and based on the latest status of the network in the field.
  • Maintain low customer churn rate by achieving superior operational efficiency, optimal uptime, and service levels. Mobilize your field crew to ensure faster fault resolution and enhance your network operations.

Here are the latest features and product updates launched with the V.6 of SmartInventory

Support for Wireless Network Inventory

Support for Wireless Network Inventory

We provide full support for Modelling Wireless Network Inventory, including various tower types and tower assets- Antennae, Sectors, Microwave Links, Shelters, and its passive assets. Data Model comes with an uploader utility to upload the tower data and useful applications to perform feasibility of Site Fiberization, Microwave link Feasibility, Tower Visualization, Search and Reports. Operators can now model and manage their existing towers and provide them a 5G Ready Inventory System.

Bringing Physical and Logical Fiber Links Together

Integrating Physical Inventory Systems with Logical Inventory has always been an arduous task. Worry not; we have super simplified by providing a fiber link, one of the most vital elements of Logical Inventory, into Lepton’s SmartInventory System.

The latest release enables you to associate a fiber link manually and all its parameters with a fiber core (strand). The system automatically traces it to both sides of connected ports. It opens up the various possibilities of displaying the link on the map, mapping the fiber rings, checking for protection routes, performing bandwidth availability, and many more checks.

Enhanced Network Ticketing Module

Enhanced Network Ticketing Module

We have introduced an integrated module for the end-to-end lifecycle execution of network tickets or projects, be it new network planning or expansions, be it network survey or any other task related to network changes. This module caters to both tickets raised by external systems and the ones created manually.  Ticketing Modules support modeling the entire lifecycle of a Network Ticket, from Network Survey till As-Built Updates received from the field.

New Data Uploader

New Data Uploader

SmartInventory V.6 now has a new data uploader with a user-friendly interface to map your source data with your target data model from various source formats. Uploader has the ability to read various source files, detect the data columns and helps you perform the mapping an upload

And Many More Features!

Many more exciting features, including advanced printing capabilities, enhanced route feasibility by clearly distinguishing the route planned and as-built, UI/UX improvements, more powerful administrative features, enhancements to the data model, new Mobile App for field engineers and many more features to help you model, and manage your networks better.

Talk to our product team today to learn more about SmartInventory V.6.

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Author: Vivek Sharma

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