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Smart View: The cutting-edge tool for Telecom Network Planning

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As the world progresses towards a more digital environment, telecommunication has become one of the most competitive industries. Consumers are always looking for service providers who offer a better quality of service.

Smart View is an advanced network planning solution which helps telecom companies gain an edge over their competition.

It is a network planning tool which allows companies to automate and expand their network coverage. Since it is a centralized Google GIS platform, it leads to a reduction in spending required for additional layers of maps and mapping engines which is required in case of other software. Also, it requires lean supporting infrastructure by being cloud compatible and running on only 4 windows servers for 1000 users. The easy to use interface


allows it to be used by literally anyone from the industry, and the interface can also be customized to suit the specific needs of a particular customer.


Automation of the planning process leads to allocation of resources in more productive activities, which would lead to better quality-of-service for their end customers. Telecom operators can now focus on managing other strategic tasks and leave other tedious tasks to Smart View.
So if you’re looking for a one-stop solution for planning an expansion, look no further than Smart View by Lepton Software. It has been developed keeping in mind the dynamic and rapidly evolving nature of the telecommunication industry.

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