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Quick Overview of Latest Telecom Trends

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We powerfully believe Telecom is essential for our society and its development – they connect us with another country in some ways at several locations round the globe. Telcos are mastering this for many years. However, it comes at a price and with the burden of great responsibility, being the driver of our digital world. We’ll be discussing here regarding the most recent trends of telecom industry:  

Quick Overview of Latest Telecom Trends

Telecommunication business growth can be seen with 5G –  It’s expected that big players in telecom business will strive for 5G within next one year, as they can foresee the revenue growth from this 5G business  however one shouldn’t solely target speed increase: 5G detaches the network infrastructure hardware and code, so sanctionative new prospects like ad-insertion, cashing and high-quality content delivery. The marketplace for mobile live streaming and broadcasting needs quick and reliable wireless connections and 5G appears promising for the live broadcasting business since it’s expected to supply a quicker, a lot of reliable, secure and agile wireless technology.

Smart Cities will be built –The industrial connections are an essential part of capturing and transmitting data to power smart city use cases like smart lighting, heating, metering and smart grid.It can happen in future that with more connections coming online and development of 5G network, smart city can be built in 2019.

Ongoing laws for the Telecommunications business – The Telecommunications business has seen facing several regulation challenges last year, the EU born down all roaming charges. This new policy, however, had vital pitfalls for the telecoms. Such trends in laws can continue within the forthcoming years in addition. The most popular topic, circling around media these days is that of  GDPR laws. In line with critics, creating your medium GDPR-compliant can price you millions. Yet, failing to fits it, can bring even a lot of headaches. All telecoms have to be compelled to defend the non-public information of their customers, to stay them from falling in frauds or being exposed to undesirable ads.

Digitization in customer support for improved efficiency

Customer support is the most common service clients are looking for when calling their telecom’s call center. The whole process can be slow and unpleasant for both sides. Not to mention sometimes the issue remains, even after the call. Digitization in customer support is the final game-changing trend we will see in future. For example, future analytics-based digital support centers are already in use by one global telecom. The telco set up a sophisticated system to track and foresee problems of customers. This new approach gives users self-service capabilities to solve questions and difficulties on their own, which reduced the number of support calls by 90%.

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We are a leading provider of fiber planning and inventory solution, NetworkAcess to major Telecom, ISP’s & Broadband providers with more than 65% market share in India. NetworkAcess is a solution based on Google Map which a Business-centric geospatial engine to help telecoms manage Network Inventory, Improve feasibility results, optimize Field force operations resulting in automation of processes, better control over mundane tasks and reduced overhead costs.

Lepton is also Google Maps premier partner for more than 10 years in India, Middle East & Singapore. We have supported 500+ companies in their growth journey since its inception across other verticals like FMCG, Logistics & Transportation, Govt., Automotive etc. Being a leading Google Maps partner in Dubai, Lepton has a strong footprint in the Middle East and Africa as well.

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