Vehicle/Field Force Tracking

Track/manage field force and vehicles with Lepton’s SmartTrack web and mobile based solution. Field managers can plan/track field movements with the web-based application, while field teams can use smartphone apps to update their real time job status.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Speedy communication between field managers and field teams.
  • Ensures better account management.
  • Automates attendance processes—field staff can punch in their attendance on fly.
  • Reduces fake transportation claims by the staff.
  • Field force can upload field information in the form of text, photographs, voice etc.
  • Management dashboard provides a good view of the market.
  • Jobs can be assigned to service teams on the fly to ensure customer satisfaction.

Manage sales force and route planning:

  • Manage sales force efficiently by reducing travelling time and optimizing travelling plan.
  • Fetch data from CRM to plan daily activities.
  • Suggests the best route to be followed.