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NetworkAccess is a flagship GIS-based suite of the product by Lepton, a leading provider of Telecom Network Lifecycle product applications, to help Telecom, ISP’s & Broadband providers in their plan to cash journey. NetworkAccess is a web-based network management solution that helps Communications Service Providers efficiently plan, design, maintain and document the complete planning/Inventory.

NetworkAccess Software

It provides an open, configurable, and scalable geospatial environment supporting fiber, and all network equipment used by both fixed and mobile operators and that works like network inventory management.  NetworkAcces is purpose-built for the communications industry, helping CSPs to achieve their goals for better visualization and management of the network design and build processes that enable data flow-through to surround systems of fiber management software.


NetworkAccess Modules includes the solution for your entire network lifecycle:

  1. SmartPlanner: Highly accurate & automated solution for strategic, high level and detailed FTTX planning software for fiber rollout.
  2. SmartInventory: Web & mobile GIS-based telecom inventory management application which enables enterprises to create, visualize & update inventory from anytime, anywhere.
  3. SmartTrack: Web application for managers & mobile app for the field force with Google maps interface which helps you increase operational efficiency & reduce cost.
  4. SmartFeasibility: It automates the customer acquisition process with a centralized, web and mobile-based application where users can perform ultrafast feasibility at the click of a button eliminating the need for field visits.
  5. SmartLocator: It allows you to provide transparent network coverage views using map Interface and helps you plan your next tower or next store. It has helped telecoms improve customer satisfaction & reduce churn rate.

NetworkAccess turns network investment into profitability more quickly through faster network builds and optimization of resources. With robust connectivity and tracing, NetworkAccess provides a complete end-to-end view of the entire network leading to efficiencies in all downstream processes that rely on accurate and accessible network information for fiber optic network documentation software as well.

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