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Lepton PostgreSQL Enterprise

Leverage the Power
of PostgreSQL
to Manage Your Data
Plan, Design, Roll Out your Network in a jiffy

Why you need NetworkAccess

Elevating operations and enhancing progress
with high geared PostgreSQL, supporting performance driven enterprises with a wide range of flexible plans.
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PostgreSQL Support

Seamless support system with our team of well qualified engineers and a pack of PostgreSQL experts, available round the clock to resolve all your technical issues. 

  • Enterprise Support: 24×7
  • Professional Support: 8 AM – 5 PM


Multi-technology Support

End-to-End Solution

We offer flexible eterprise plans overarching from migration, implementation and operation, strategy planning and execution. Our comprehensive range of services backed by a house experts ensure you’re using PostgreSQL to it’s full potential.

Use Cases

Result-centric PostgreSQL for your enterprise

PostgreSQL Home

A single interface PostgreSQL deployment manager to monitor systems, optimize database performance and integrate API’s and webhooks.

Backup & Recovery

Recover data with ease and get 100% physical backup without losing on data authenticity. Lepton provides an array of solutions to fit the unique requirements of your enterprise.

Seamless Cluster Management

Fast track issue detection and avoid risk of data loss with high availability. Get real time alerts of cluster events, and access to resolution status.

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