Travel & Hospitality


Plan and co-ordinate travel itineraries with Lepton solutions to provide the best experience to your customers. Travellers can search and optimize their travel plan on Google maps and customize their travel requirements.

Location Analytics

Give the traveller an ease of finding the relevant locations in the city conveniently.


Help tourists navigate to POI(Point of Interest) with Google Maps

Google address search feature allows useres to locat

Plan Tourist Hotspots

Plan travel itenaries/hotspots for travellers based on their search data.


A heat-map of traveller feedback across different locations can be generated and visualized on interactive map.

Tourist Satisfaction

Providing relevant information regarding tourists POI will improve satisfaction level.

Online Customer Engagement

Enhance customer engagement by providing quick service.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Provide localised lists of restaurants or hotels with an interactive map for customers to view online.

Faster Results & Easier Sharing

Captivate your customers in real time with mobile apps that provide intuitive travel information and convenient tools.

Sales & Marketing

Analyse Customer Data

Use geocentric data to pinpoint locations that your target audience like the most.

Improve Marketing

Customise your promotional offers and advertising expenditure based on specific geographical locations and market growth.

Find New Locations

Use customer demographics, competitive presence to pinpoint new locations

Facilities Management

Quicker Analysis & Decision Making

Locate and manage all your company assets to streamline maintenance and deliver processes.

Share Secure Data

Easily distribute relevant data across the entire organisation for more efficient updates and task management.

Emergency Management

Reduce Risks & Increase Safety

Track security weaknesses to prevent unwanted incidents.

Respond Faster

Real-time processing to send/receive emergency information.

Data Products

Accentuate Your Location Data

Enhance your Location-insights via required Data products

Improve Business Monitoring Expansion Planning

Plan business expansion with demography data, lifestyle data, affluence data etc.

Business Performance vs Demography Data

Correlate business performance income level, gender, age group, literacy and socio-economic parameter relevant to the business.