Restaurant & Food Aggregators

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Lepton Software helps restaurant and food aggregators improve sales with an optimized Business expansion plan. Lepton also provides Data Products to better understand and analyse location-based demographics and have better insights of the market and the customers.

Online Sales

Optimize your restaurant's expansion based on Location Rankings, Comparative Analysis between Locations, Competitor’s Location Analysis and other features.

Restaurant Locator

Helps customers identify the nearest branch of the retsaurant

Customer Satisfication

Display menu online to help customers identify restaurant with their preffered menu choices


Provide rating/reviews from other customers to help order food online

Increase Sales

Our solutions let you strategize well so that you can reach your target audience more effectively.

Target Consumer

Use geographic data and analyse demographics, customer shopping behaviour to reach target audience

Improve margins

Allocate advertising budgets better based on area analysis and potential media buys

Plan New Branch

Analyze footfall of an area and use customer demographics to pinpoint new store locations