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Lepton Software offers solutions for banking and finance industry to help customers reach respective ATMs/Branches. The solutions also help companies track Field Force to take reports on-the-go.

Customer and Market Analytics

Optimize your business expansion & presence based on Location Rankings, Comparative Analysis between Locations, Competitor’s Location Analysis and other features.

Understanding Customers and Market

Understand the need of the customer and the market to optimize your ROI. Create current/ potential customer's profile and score them based on financial behaviours

Target locations

Pinpoint areas suitable for new bank locations


Use location data to reach the most desirable customers

Field Force Management / Tracking

Efficiently Track, Manage & Communicate with your Field Force while be able to take remote attendance, share job details, take reports, etc.

Locate & Manage Field Force

Track and manage field force with Google Maps

Route Optimization

Efficient route/ beat planning using Google Maps APIs

Increase Channel Efficiency

Manage multiple field teams efficienlty at different locations

ATM/Branch Locator

Facilitate your users to conveniently reach your ATMs /Branches while capturing Business Intelligence Data.

Customer Convenience

Navigate customers to respective ATMs/Branches

Branch Expansion

Use demographic and socioeconomic data to plan/expand ATMs

Customer Feedback

Receive customer feedback across different ATMs/Branches to introduce improvements

Data Products

Detailed Maps of various Pin Codes, Landmark Maps, Demographic Data Maps and various other solutions which suit your needs.

Accentuate your Location Data

Enhance your Location-insights via specific products which give you layered and precise information

Expansion Planning

Plan business expansion with demography data, lifestyle data and affluence data

Business Perfomance vs Demography Data

Correlate business performance income level, gender, age group, literacy and socio-economic parameter relevant to the business

Location Analytics

Give the end-user an ease of finding the POI (Gas station, Hospital, Police station etc.)

Customer Convenience

Navigate customers to respective offices/Branches

Growth Opportunities

Use customer search data and determine high-value individual accounts to choose new Office/Branch location

Customer Feedback

Receive customer feedback across different Offices/Branches to introduce improvements

Customer Satisfaction

Display office information online to help customers identify locations where services are available

Improve Underwriting

Our solutions help in estimating exact figures through precision data.

Create Accurate Quotes

Visualise customer demographics area wise to create accurate policies /quotes

Model Risk

Visualize situations to assess future risks

Efficient Claims Process

Make the claims process smoother, faster & hassle-free both for your customer & for internal resources.

Better Claims Process

Make claims process smoother and faster by sharing relevant information to the staff

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Improve customer satisfaction with access to their area information

Efficient Sales & Marketing

Optimize your sales efforts precision targeting.

Target Marketing/Geomarketing

Make target offers analyzing demographics and customer behaviour by geography

Map Sales Territories

Map territories by area to improve visibility and sales performance

Better Incident Management

Enhance analytical capacity related to claims & incidents.

Better Decision Making

Improved modelling and geographic data to evaluate accurate loss information

Improve Incident Management

Easily track and share information with claims teams, and deploy agents by locating/ dispatching the nearest field crews

Reconstruct Accidents

Improved 3D and 2D modelling to reconstruct recent accidents