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Lepton provides Telematics services to the transportation/automobile industries for real-time monitoring of the vehicles including tracking vehicle's location , alerts, distance travelled etc.

Dealer & Service Centre Locator

Give the end-user an ease of finding the car dealer and service centre conveniently.

Customer Convenience

Navigate to Dealership/ Service Centre hassle-free

Branch Expansion

Plan new Dealership locations with gap analysis

Customer Feedback

Provides heatmap of customer feedback across different Dealerships

Customer Satisfaction

Display inventories of Dealership/ Service Centre online to help customers identify locations where products are available

Connected Cars

Obtain real time tracking of vehicle along with metrics like distance traveled, safety alerts etc.

Real-Time Monitoring

Real-time monitoring of the vehicle’s status and operation.

Problem Detection & Management

Savings, through being able to detect potential problems with the car early on.

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Tracking of the vehicle in the event of car-jacking and alerts to safeguard the driver and relatives.

Remote Access

Remote control of the vehicle in countries where this is allowed by law.

Route Optimization

Optimization of routes and driving expenses.

Business Analytics

Gain location based business analytics which help an organization define their existing & growth strategy.

Understanding Customers

Create profiles for current or potential customers. Score customers based on financial behaviors

Target Locations

Analyze areas that might fit certain products and customer needs

Fine Tune Marketing

Use location data to customize marketing campaigns and reach most desirable customers


Real-Time Monitoring

Real-time monitoring of the vehicles

Problem Detection & Management

Detect and manage potential problems with the vehicles

Vehicle Safety & Tracking

Track vehicles and receive alerts post car-jacking

Remote Access

Remote access of vehicles in countries where permitted

Route Optimization

Optimization of routes and driving expenses

Traffic Management

Optimize transport infrastructure to reduce traffic and improve road safety

Data Products

Detailed Maps of various Pin Codes, Landmark Maps, Demographic Data Maps and various other solutions which suit your needs.

Accentuate Your Location Data

Enhance your Location-insights via specific products

Expansion Planning

Plan business expansion with demography data, lifestyle data, and affluence data

Business Performance vs Demography Data

Correlate business performance, income level, gender, age group, literacy etc.

Case Studies


Helping leading FMCG brands identify their business potential in defined locations and expand their presence.

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Providing banks with a prioritisation matrix, and quick interface for users to locate bank

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Technology & Services

Helping Technology service providers integrate Maps with their solution and also improve business presence & network footprint.

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Telecom & ISP

Helping Telecoms and ISPs create better visibility, track their field force, improve revenue and reduce feasibility cost.

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