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How Google Maps can help start-ups grow

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In today’s start-up rich culture, a lot of new ideas are venturing into mobile-app based products or services to make everyday tasks more convenient for the masses. A lot of such start-ups use location based data to either capture consumer related information to use it as a fodder for analytics or give map-based information to the user himself.

But since most of the start-ups are usually focused upon their core offering and gaining traction, they tend not to utilize the full strength of Google Maps and how it can help their business in unimaginable ways.

A few ways in which Google Maps can help a relevant start-up are as follows:

i.) Location Advantage for Expansion: Since start-ups are in an ever-expansion mode, the location of their next office/hub/store should be strategic. Google Maps when fed with ample boundary parameters and input layers, can help a start-up decide their next location.

ii.) Consumer Heat Maps: Any start-up would love to know how many customers are using their product or service on what locations. Also, a frequency of re-engaging customers can be deduced for each location. This helps a start-up create their consumer connect programs accordingly.

iii.) Real-time data for User: Certain apps provide location based data to their users. If this data becomes real-time and more precise, it gives a lot more convenience to the user, who will fall in love with the app for the fact that every person loves accurate data in real-time.

Start-ups can not only get Google Maps API Pricing via a certified Google Maps Partner in India but can also get it customized via adding layers of information or analytics which suit the needs of their business. Because only a cutting edge technology like this can give a start-up an edge over its competitors.

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