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Google Cloud Platform: An Ideal mass media management system

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Global distribution, availability and presence of mass media content requires massive infrastructure and unparalleled network capabilities. Using traditional methods of internet storage comes with a set of challenges and make the process cumbersome for the organisation. Google Cloud Platform can not only collect and store your content but also make it available to all your users as per their demand. While ensuring widest reach possible, Google Cloud Platform also provides better analytics and uses highly efficient artificial intelligence to create a conveniently searchable database.

Unfortunately, traditional mass media storage brings down your website efficiency and effectivity and causes servers to crash, increasing your website downtime.This happens because traditional methods provide you with neither self-scalability, nor performance and intelligence. Another disadvantage is the increase in infrastructure cost since you have to maintain the servers and load balance. Storing your mass media on traditional and older cloud platforms also requires manual tagging and labelling of images and videos. An ideal storage solution, on the other hand, must scale itself in response to incoming traffic, should smoothly process all media content with a desirable flow and should use artificial intelligence to reduce evaluation, reviewing, classification and segregation of each video and image to maintain rapidity. All of this is possible with Google Cloud Platform.

Google Cloud Platform can be considered an ideal mass media storage solution because of the following set of reasons:

  • It offers load balancing and auto scaling options
  • It is capable of distributing incoming traffic across various virtual machine instances
  • It blends cloud video intelligence and cloud vision APIs to filter images and videos at a quicker rate
  • It not only manages your content but also filters user submitted content and eliminates content that is undesirable or unsafe
  • Its Artificial Intelligence can segregate your content for different user groups based on age, gender, location, etc.

Global media leaders such as Spotify, Filmograph, and Pocket Gems vouch for the reliability and have listed the advantages of Google Cloud Platform on various occasions. Vimeo, an online video sharing platform with over 800,000 users has confirmed an increase in video streaming speed and quality, increase in the number of HQ videos in their database, a decrease in the need of IT management and removal of cumbersome challenges such as scaling ever since they switched to the platform. Thus, to deduce, the platform:

  • Is efficient and reliable
  • Is cost-effective
  • Ensures zero downtime with its auto scaling and load balancing services
  • Saves infrastructure cost as there’s no server management from your side

Lepton can help you keep pace with their increasing customer expectations by delivering quick, secure, desirable and highly scalable online experiences. We are a premier Google Cloud
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  • Personalised growth strategies as per the need of the company
  • An efficient end to end support

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