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Google Maps Platform

Leverage Location Intelligence With Google Maps Platform in partnership with Lepton. The oldest Google Maps premier partner in India, which has been working closely with Google for more than 10 years and has helped more than 500 customers globally.
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Google Maps Platform is a visual canvas for customer engagement, business planning, and productivity improvements. That Helps customers & employees find and manage resources, assets, and data.

Google Maps APIs

JavaScript Maps
Static Maps API
Street View API
Embed API
Directions API
Distance Matrix API
Roads API
Places API
Geocoding API
Geolocation API
Time Zone API
Elevation API

Google Maps Use Cases

Store Locator

Generate more revenue by making it easier for potential customers to locate you. Provide the name, address, opening hours and other details of each of your locations.

Asset Tracking

Reduce operating costs through optimized routing and better asset visibility. Predict travel time between points based on historical data and current condition traffic. Tracked entities can include people, vehicles or any moving assets.

Travel Planning

Make customer conversions effortless by giving them the complete picture for their travel destination. Help your users plan their upcoming trip with detailed maps, useful local information, and predicted travel time between locations, anytime.


Integrate Google Maps directly into your ridesharing app to decrease navigation friction for your drivers and improve wait time for your customers.


The world has moved on to the pay-per-use Model and so has Google Maps. Have you taken advantage of it yet?
Google Maps has shifted over to a pay-as-you-go model. That gives you the larger control over paying for only what you use, rather than the entire platform in one fell swoop. This is a welcome move for developers and businesses alike for onboarding all the goodness that Google Maps Platform has to offer.

How Lepton Adds Value

Optimize the implementation of the Pay-As-You-Go plan to make it cost-effective.

We will effectively optimize an enterprise account’s API calls so that you do not end up paying more than what you need to.

Huge savings (Upto 70%) on Google Maps bills.

By facilitating payment through Lepton, instead of using credit cards, you can save up to 70% on your Google Maps monthly bills.

Keeping abreast of changes.

You can leverage the latest news and updates on Google Maps Platform through our monthly emailers and webinars.

Unlock additional tier discounts with Lepton that are not available online through Credit Cards.

Enterprise clients like you can avail pricing of up to 7 tiers through Lepton, thus optimizing your investment even further.

Experienced Support Ecosystem.

You get instant telephonic support through us which is not available through Google Maps directly. We will also ensure a smooth transition from credit card billing to Lepton billing.