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Do you know, areas with new infrastructure projects could be your new potential market?

Posted by: Chhavi
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Do you know, areas with new infrastructure projects could be your new potential market?

Every organisation aims to tap upcoming potential markets, with InfraNow, get detailed information on all upcoming and ongoing infrastructure projects. Expand your business with insight information on capital investment at your fingertips which will enable you to make informed business decisions to give you the edge that you need in today’s competitive marketplace.

Give your business the advantage of map-based data-driven insights

InfraNow can boost your strategy & planning through business-related data analytics such as promoter details, project details, stage of completion, cost, contractor details, contract model and more. Visualize this dataset on map with other data layers like demographic, POI and lifestyle to take informed decisions.

Get insightful information & gain an edge over your market competitors

  • Business Expansion by anticipating demand through InfraNow dataset
  • Market research and Analytics to understand new markets
  • Deployment based on information of current, past & ongoing projects
  • Maintenance and Operations Optimization with regular project monitoring
  • Timely CapEx planning for better returns
  • Increase Enterprise’s business potential

Get access to information of all ongoing, upcoming & completed projects in India

  • Identify Capital Investment Projects
  • Updates on New, Ongoing and Completed Projects
  • Data visualization and Geographic Information Systems
  • Data Download
  • Project Value Distribution
  • Sector Value Distribution

InfraNow has project data available for the following industries:

  • Transport
  • Manufacturing
  • Power
  • Building Infra
  • Oil and Gas
  • Water
  • Mining

Few Use Cases

  • Identify areas of cellular and broadband demand for both enterprise and consumer.
  • Preventive maintenance of existing telecom assets such as fiber cuts.
  • 5G network planning
  • Anticipate areas of business expansion
  • Detailed analysis for new market identification for growth.
  • Re-evaluate and optimize financial products to offer right product to the right customer.
  • Planning for new installations such as ATMs, branches etc.
Transport & Logistics
  • Capitalizing on new opportunities by managing transportation for upcoming projects.
  • Predictive planning of logistics to achieve future demands cost effectively.

InfraNow holds paramount significance for infrastructural projects looking to guage market knowledge and date-driven insights to maximise success, and reduce losses caused by incomplete planning. Major industries are making use our map-based geospatial data to give  correct headstart to their businesses.

For more information on InfraNow, contact us.

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