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Firmware incorporated into this product and/or software used for this product (hereinafter as “Software”) may include third party copyrighted software licensed under Open Source Licenses. Please refer to the following table to learn which license(s) that the Software is subject to. See our End User License Agreement (EULA) before you use the Software.

Lepton Software(s) Open Source Software Open Source License URL
NetworkAccess MapServer version 6.0.2 (MS4W 3.0.4)
NetworkAccess D3js
NetworkAccess PostgreSQL
NetworkAccess NPOI Library v2.3.0.0
NetworkAccess Ionic zip v1.11.0.0
NetworkAccess MapServer version 7.0.7 (MS4W 3.2.5)
NetworkAccess MapServer version 7.0.4 (MS4W 3.2.1)
NetworkAccess Node.js v7.10.0 with NPM
NetworkAccess NetBean
NetworkAccess NPGSQL
NetworkAccess GDAL
NetworkAccess PGADmin
SmartMarket PostGIS
SmartMarket React
SmartMarket Redux
SmartMarket Webpack
SmartMarket Geomesa
SmartMarket Accumulo
SmartMarket Apache Spark
SmartMarket Hbase
SmartMarket ElasticSearch/td>
SmartMarket Hbase
SmartMarket Python
SmartMarket Docker Community Edition
SmartMarket Hadoop
SmartMarket Apache Kafka
SmartMarket MongoDB Community Server
SmartMarket GeoServer
SmartMarket Mapnik
SmartMarket Presto
SmartMarket GeoTrellis
SmartMarket Babel
SmartMarket Node Gdal
SmartMarket Express
SmartMarket PM2
SmartMarket ESLint
SmartMarket D3.js
SmartMarket Jest
SmartMarket Typescript
SmartMarket TensorFlow
SmartMarket Scikit-learn
SmartMarket Keras
SmartMarket Pandas
SmartMarket NumPy
SmartMarket Git