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A pin code boundary map is more than what you think

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Even after the advent of satellite based location services, Pin codes still remain one of the most efficient ways to find a location, especially in rural areas. Being very well laid out across the entire country, it offers a unique code to localities that fall under one post office. We have been using pin codes as an identity of our area for a long time, but over the years it has found some more applications.

The usage of pin codes is not limited to just the delivery of mail and other goods. It has found extensive purpose in direct marketing, service sector, sales, e-commerce, banking, retail and government to name a few. Having a strong grasp on location of your service helps your company understand its target audience better. Leading companies integrate pin code boundaries map by customising it to suit their requirements. You can add layers of data on the map, to draw inferences based on your needs.

So how exactly does a pin code boundaries map help? It gives your customers a way to narrow their searches when checking availability of services in their respective locality. It can help in identifying regions where your services/products are not doing well and allocating advertising budgets accordingly. With a pin code boundary map you will find endless applications, from planning for future business expansion to location-based analysis of your service.

Lepton Software can help you with implementing pin code boundaries map for your business. We are a certified partner of India Pin, which captures the best available pin/post code information. It can convert latitude and longitude to a particular pin code and vice versa. It is even customizable to your requirement. Get in touch with us here to know more.

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